What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine marketing.

Now there’s a plethora of articles and documents out there with the intricate complexities and inner workings of what SEO is technically. My site is about what it boils down to. In layman’s terms.

One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given was; If you cant explain the concept in a 60 second lift conversation, or scrawled on the back of a napkin, then you don’t understand.


So the pressure is on! Here goes nothing. SEO as I see it.

SEO is all about connecting your business to your customers.

What!? is that it?

I will stick my neck out and say that is pretty much it. If the cost of getting a lead makes it worth it to pay for SEO, then pay for SEO. This goes for any marketing, numbers do not lie. At the end of the day, you want whatever marketing efforts you employ to make you more money than you put in.

SEO Napkin

Now is the chance to get tea [insert preferred beverage here] and some toast. Onward!


I’m ready. Give me More! what am I paying for exactly?

To answer that then we have to journey further down the rabbit hole. At this point you either pretend ‘this is your floor’ and escape the elevator journey. Or hang around…

Deep down maybe something in the back of your mind is itching. An idea.

“If I could connect to more people who want my service then I might get more customers”

Imagine if you could have people searching for your product, and arriving at your website that sells the product. This is the concept of SEO. People search for Pet Shampoo. Your shop that sells pet shampoo comes up in the top results.


What is seo search engine optimization?

It usually goes by this name. Search Engine Optimization. Some call it Internet Marketing, if the goal is the same its pretty much the same thing.

SEO services are designed to help you get traffic to your website. Traditionally this is by a few different means, Namely organic search, which is the main search results, or advertising.

You can see results that are adverts as they have a little icon to say it is an advert. I circled these below. You can see the adverts circled, the natural organic results below, and more adverts to the right hand side.

Google Adverts



Personally, I think a lot of people are becoming advert blind.

I always avoid the advert results for example. This is why I decided to focus on Organic and natural SEO. I believe making your website the most genuine, natural resource that helps your visitors and provides real value is the way to go.


The main results is what organic SEO is all about. That is making your site relevant and useful to people who are searching for something.

If I search for “best sci fi film” and the top result is about Pet supplies. Then Google would not be doing its job very well.

Fortunately, Google is the leading search engine because they are very good at getting you results that are relevant. Now this leads me nicely onto…

Why are some websites appearing above others.

This is because to Google, they are more relevant, informative or have a better online profile than your site. For example, would you use a site that has a simple page as being a top resource. Or would you use a site that all your friends say is really good? Hopefully a) you have friends! and b) you would use the site your friends think are good.

So it is with websites. you can have website A which has lots of social media activity, lots of links from other trusted resources, great content etc. Or site B which has none of these. Google uses an Algorithm to determine which is most relevant and displays the one it sees as “better”.

You will see a constant stream of information online about algorithm changes, Penguins, Pandas sites being tanked. What factors are more relevant now? why did Google change XYZ… to be honest I don’t get too hung up on those. If you can accept they are always going to change then you have nothing to worry about. So long as you stick to the main goal.

The customer is the center of your online universe. Be useful and relevant.


Should I buy Back links?

SEO in many peoples eyes is employing someone to create a huge amount of back links to a website, or it is mysterious and technical and only a chosen few wizards can do it. This is not the case!

If you want a lot of spammy back links these are easily obtained very cheaply on Fivver. It is tempting to use this as a service as it might get you very good short term results. But!… after that, Google catches on to you and your site sinks.

The best way to get links back to yourself is to provide good content. Have a great website that has useful information and everything will be fine.


Should I use your services?

Absolutely! But not necessarily right away. Remember when we talked about ROI a little while ago? With any effort you must get a return on your investment. Firstly you have to think about how much a lead is worth to you, and how many leads would cover the costs of an SEO campaign, or make any marketing endeavor worthwhile. I am not a great salesman, this is not intended to put you off, but if it saves you in the long term I am willing to take that risk. ROI. Return of Investment. Please don’t do anything without considering this….[…..”ROI”…]


So where to start?

If you are small use free services. Word of mouth is so good for your small/local business. Leverage your friends and contacts to help you.

This is where I advertise my social media management services right? NO WAY! I am not a fan of jacks of all trades. Anyone can be middleman. I can take your £100 and pay someone on Fivver $5 to draw you a logo. I like to play fair. I am good at wordpress and SEO. I will stick to what I am good at. The reason I started up is to help you get started and to be efficient, if you want an honest port of call I am your man.

Facebook and Twitter should be your free tools of choice to get started. Yes it can be automated with software, or outsourced. But I firmly believe in holding the reigns to social media yourself. As no one knows your business quite like you do. In a sea of competition, your personality can stand out above an ocean of similar services.

If you have bags of Cash to start you might try google adwords and pay per click (PPC) advertising too. If PPC advertising costs too much then its a good time to start thinking about the long game. SEO is the long game.


Phew! Ok that it. I did not cover everything. But I hope I have given you some insight into what it is all about. Please feel free to email me and let me know your thoughts.



If you want that one to one look at your online presence please do feel free to contact me to look at further. I can tailor a fully bespoke plan for you.

If you want to fix a budget I can make a bespoke plan for you in my fixed price packages. that is I carry out the work over a term. This makes SEO affordable for you.