Video Marketing

Video marketing is a great way to boost your company and it’s website. With the way the internet and social media now works, videos have become a popular way of getting a message across to a large audience in such a small amount of time. At Yorkshire Designs, we provide video marketing for clients looking to make the most of the internet when it comes to creating a better and more trustworthy site. Companies throughout the world, both big and small, are using this great marketing tool at generating traffic to their website. With the right graphics, SEO skills, and message, you can easily use a video to entice potential customers to visit your site and explore your latest products and services.

How powerful are online videos?

Most companies are familiar with YouTube, and if you’re not then you’d be considered as behind in the competition. Why? YouTube has such a large number of users it would actually scare you to know how much you’re missing out on. As of 2017, almost 5 billion videos are watched every single day with 30 million visitors taking to the site. Imagine if just 1 percentage of those 30 million visitors happened to stumble across your video that’s offering them something they need? That’s 300,000 potential customers! While you may thinking it’s highly unlike 300,000 people will spend the time looking at what you have to say, that’s where you’re wrong! With the right SEO skills, something that Yorkshire Designs specialise in, we can help get your video out there and seen.

Creating a video is just about creating good graphics and content, but it’s also about getting it seen, something SEO experts like Yorkshire Designs can do. Imagine putting all the hard work into getting a professional video done, or spending loads of money for someone to do produce one, yet not getting any use out of it as it’s not being seen?! It’s a waste of time and effort and overall it will be rather frustrating.

At Yorkshire Designs, we use our expert knowledge on understanding how the internet and Google work to help large and small businesses reach their goals. A simple short video can go a long way, and with the millions of users using sites like YouTube daily, it’s definitely a marketing tool you should consider investing in.

How else can you benefit from video marketing?

Apart from using videos to update your YouTube page, you can also have videos added to your site. This is a great way to create the trust for both your customers and Google. Google loves sites that use videos to express their business or service. It’s a real solid way of saying “hey look at us, we’re real, and here’s the evidence to prove it.” Anyone that can see and hear actual people, products, and services before their eyes are going to know whether or not you’re a reputable company that can be trusted. While you can easily advertise your company by typing up a quick social media post or putting some sort of advert out there, it’s video’s that show real images and people that win the hearts of the audience.

Having a video on your site can boost your customers. It’s an easy way to introduce your business and explain what you’re really all about. Video are also great for link building and can easily be used on social media sites which will direct them to your site, another easy and simple way to generate traffic to your website. At the end of the day, customers want to be able to trust the company they’re thinking of investing in. Whether you’re a small business or a large one and are offering a few services and products or a whole range of them, video marketing is one of the best ways to help your audience trust you. Match video marketing up with social media marketing and before you know it you’ll be having all the extra customers and traffic to your website that you need to build a successful business.

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