Content Writing

Looking to liven up your website or build its online presence? At Yorkshire Designs, we can provide you just that with our skilled content writing. Keeping your site ‘alive’ and updated is one of the many ways you can add traffic and potential customers to your site. With content writing, one must be consistent in adding blogs or articles, keeping their website content updated, and making sure each and every detail connected to your company is voiced out where possible.

Content writing is a great way of keeping in touch with your customers and audience on a weekly or monthly basis; something Yorkshire Designs can help you with. Perhaps you don’t have the time to put together an article or two, or maybe writing just isn’t your thing and you’d have no idea where to start? While writing a blog on something you know may sound easy for some, when it comes to content writing for digital marketing there’s a whole lot more thought that goes into the process of putting a well readable and enjoyable blog together.

How can content writing help?

A blog now and then goes a long way, more than one may think. Yorkshire Designs specialises in content writing, and we’ve helped a large number of big and small companies keep in contact with their audience through simple yet detailed articles and blogs. Not only does frequently added content help keep your website alive, but it’s also a great way of getting new people to visit your site. Say you’ve got a new product or service that you’re now offering, while you can easily add that to your site and link it up to a social media post, do you think people are going to take notice of it? With detailed articles of high quality, your potential customers can become existing ones.  It’s all about engaging with people and getting their attention. A simple ‘hey look what we’re offering’ isn’t good enough. It takes time and a lot of thought to produce a real high-quality article that will catch the public’s eye.

Fresh content is also the perfect way to gain the public’s trust. Through articles, one can express their self, what they do, what they’re about, and why they should choose you. Not many companies nowadays take the time to sit down and think the whole content writing step through, which leads them to poor quality articles that both Google and potential customers won’t find interesting or intriguing. Content writing it the perfect way to catch the attention of Google and your audience, and it’s only with an expert help that you’ll be able to do so. At Yorkshire Design we use SEO to provide the perfect content your website needs to gain the attraction your company wants. Simply typing up a blog isn’t enough as Google’s always working on finding the best content that’s well-written and engaging.

It’s not just about the topic and what is written, but more on HOW it’s written. With years of professional experience in SEO, Yorkshire Designs can produce high-quality blogs that are seen as ‘perfect’ in Google’s eyes. With Google being the main boss on the internet these days, making sure your site is in its good books is one of the best ways of keeping your site there too. Google’s spiders crawl thousands of websites on a daily basis, ranking up those that are good and getting rid of those that are bad. Poorly managed sites that lack content or come across as spammy is something you’ll never want Google’s spiders to find. Google can and will easily get rid of your site if it believes you lack the content and quality.

Let Yorkshire Designs provide you with the quality content your website needs

Content writing isn’t just about keeping your audience engaged, but it’s also about keeping your site alive. The internet can be a rather strange and scary space, especially with Google’s crazy crawlers that are working day and night to lift up the best and throw out the rest. With Yorkshire Designs SEO knowledge and understanding of how SEO and Google works, we can provide the high-quality content your business needs. Get in touch today for more information on how our unique and professional content writing can help boost your business.

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