Where Do You Want To Be

Your company needs to get an online presence as quickly as possible to make the website a success.

Lack of visibility online means you miss out on many potential customers. They simply do not know you exist. (or where to find your premises!) We want to get new clients to visit your premises where they can see your products, give you a call, or email you about your service.

SEO Doncaster

We have a variety of services and strategies to help you reach your goal. Some of the goals we aim for when working on a campaign can include all or some of the below, but we always concentrate on meeting the goals for your business. Because no two are identical, your project is bespoke to you.

  • Rank in Organic Search – Your website is currently nowhere to be found in Google searches for “money” keywords. Our top goal will be to push those rankings up to the first page.
  • Increase Website Traffic – We want to help potential customers find your website when searching for granite kitchen tops or stone fireplaces. Our goal is to drive as much qualified traffic to your website as possible.
  • Increase Website Engagement – In addition to overall traffic, it’s important to increase time on site, pages per visit and decrease bounce rate. These are simple metrics that show quality user interactions.
  • Build Domain Equity – Over time great SEO will improve the overall authority of your website with search engines. Increased authority = increased rankings.
  • Increase Brand Awareness – We will create value added content like YouTube and SlideShare documents and rank them in Google. This will help build your brand as an authority in the market.
  • Increase Leads – The most important part – we want to drive targeted traffic and convert it into qualified leads.

How We Can Do This For You

  • Custom Analytics Implementation – The only way to make educated decisions about marketing spend is to analyze your web data. We will implement custom events, conversions, funnels, attribution points, Webmaster Tools (GWT) and goals in Google Analytics.
  • Keyword Analysis – Your business may offer a number of products or services, – each of these services has different search demand different synonym keywords. We will use your existing AdWords data in conjunction with keyword research tools to identify the most valuable keywords to you.
  • SEO Technical Audit + Optimization – We will use SEO tools (Screaming Frog SEO Spider) to analyze your source code and identify weaknesses from an SEO point of view. We will then work with your dev team to correct these instances.
  • Content Optimization / Site Structure – In order to rank for multiple keywords, we will need to add additional pages to your website. We will work to set up and structure content into SEO “silos” – aka the preferred taxonomy for search engine spiders.
  • Local Optimization – You have a brick and mortar location. We will set up, optimize and rank these listings in Google Maps (“Local 3 Pack”).
  • Link Building – Links to your website are Google’s #1 ranking factor. It’s extremely important to build the right links to your website – that’s why we perform it as it’s own individual deliverable.
  • YouTube SEO / Video Marketing – We don’t want to just rank your website, we want to dominate search results. We will create a video, host it on YouTube on your branded channel and optimize it to rank for your keywords.
  • Authority Property SEO – Web properties like Slide Share also rank very well in Google (when SEO’d). We will work with you to publish killer content on document sharing sites and optimize them to rank for your keywords in Google.
  • Monthly Reports – We will provide a full website report (pulled from Google Analytics + Rank Tracker) every month detailing campaign performance, goal completions, tasks performed and overall analysis. We will cover the report in depth via monthly status call.

Web Analytics

Before we do anything, we ensure your website is set up to track our efforts. That requires a custom Google Analytics implementation and analysis. Here we can find out where does the majority of your traffic come from, and the sources that are most valuable to your business. Google Webmaster Tools is the backbone of your website. The free tool allows you to monitor key technical aspects like sitemap.xml, robots.txt, Google warnings/updates, and check on rankings.

Setting up and optimizing this tool allows us to get a pulse on the health of your website and analyze the impact of our SEO efforts.

Monthly Reporting

Some clients don’t care about reports. As long as they are getting more phone calls, they’re happy. If that’s you, we’re ok with that – but we still deliver monthly progress report summaries, these can show how many people visit your site and look at certain products, etc.

Website Design

The website has a fresh and modern design that is mobile responsive and looks great. We may change some structural or code based content in the background to optimize the site.

Link Building

PPC Adwords

Organic search optimization takes time. Pay per click ads has your site live on the first page with the click of a button.

We strongly recommended a “blended search” approach. Blended search tackles both paid search and organic.

As your organic rankings push up, over time, you may decrease ad spend. That way you always have a presence on the first page of Google for all of your main keywords. Here we can also set up ads, call tracking and conversion tracking.


Organic Search

Google has well over 200 signals their algorithm reads when ranking sites. We don’t want to get too technical, but it’s important we cover it at briefly so you can understand our strategy.

First, we’ll do a thorough analysis of the keywords related to web hosting. We compile a list of “head” keywords, long tail keywords, top of the funnel keywords and purchase intent keywords. We use tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEM Rush, Long Tail Pro, Google Trends and Google Semantic Search to find keyword variations that your potential customers use. We keep this analysis in a ready to use Excel file. We use it evaluate the current state of your pages as well as a baseline for future content creation.

Keyword Optimization

After we have your keywords we go work optimizing your content around them. Some optimizations include edits to the image titles or meta descriptions.

Social Media

Even though on paper we’re an SEO agency, we can no longer leave out the importance of social media engagements. Social media is important for 2 reasons;

1. Social signals help to rank your website in Google. The more Tweets and shares your site has, the higher it ranks.

2. Social media drives valuable traffic to your site. In the beginning, it was just teens using Facebook. Now, CEOs and important decisions makers do too. You need a presence!


Link Building.

We only build “tier 1” links on high-quality domains. When we say “quality”, we look at some metrics such as Domain Authority, Trust, Page Authority and Google Page Rank. We will aim to establish high authority and relevant links back to your website, which in turn increases your website authority. We will also seek out to connect with others who’s blogs or sites are relevant and can help us gain exposure.

Local Authority Link Building in Doncaster

Organic Search SEO

  • Linkbuilding
  • Content creation
  • Technical Auditing
  • Keyword analysis
  • Tracking and analytics
  • Social media marketing (3 posts a week on main platforms)
  • PPC spend up to £1000pm included (above £1000 £20% management fee)

Paid Search

  • Ad Set Up
  • Ad Creation
  • Ad Optimization