Content Is Key

When we hear the word content, many people believe it’s simply a few sentences put together with no real purpose. What many are missing out on, is how important content for one’s business is. Your general content on your website may discuss a service you provide, or information about a product you are selling. While it is important to include the main factors on what you’re talking about, ‘in between the lines’, your content should be telling Google a whole other story.

Content is a great way to engage with your audience on a weekly or monthly basis. Whether you decide to put up a blog every week or month, the content you add to your site adds value, especially if you’re doing it the proper way. With the right content, you can build trust, not only with your audience but with Google too. Being a business owner you should know how important it is to ‘impress’ Google. Whether it’s having SEO work done to your site, active social media platforms, or various other marketing elements that all play their part, Google needs to fall in love with your website before your audience does.

One should always keep in mind, GOOGLE IS THE BOSS. If Google likes you, your audience will too. Why? It’s simple! Once Google sees your website has done all the right things to stay in their good books, they’ll happily start ranking you up towards the number 1 spot. Apart from the awesome feeling of being number 1, it also means you’re more noticeable for those searching terms that are related to your product or service. But how does content fit in, and why are you constantly seeing images and sayings that read “content is key” or “content is the king?”

When it comes to content it not just about the topic or it’s actual content, but more on HOW it’s written. Using the right keywords that will help rank you in Google will also help your audience find you. Keeping your site up to date is also one of the best ways of keeping your site visible too. Google’s spiders crawl thousands of websites on a daily basis, ranking up those that are good and have quality content, while also getting rid of those that are bad. Poorly managed sites that lack content, or whose content comes across as spammy is something you’ll never want Google’s spiders to find. If Google isn’t impressed with what they see and believes your site lacks the content and quality, they can, and will easily get rid of your site.

Apart from making sure you’re following Google’s rules and including the necessary keywords, also providing engaging content that is attractive and catchy is another great way to win over your audience. Your content should be up to date and relevant to your product, service, or what’s currently going on. Using images is also another way to spice up your content. Use relevant images that are eye-catching and attractive, and connected with your content. Various pieces of content can also be mentioned on your social media platforms. This will attract traffic to your website and also build trust with your audience. Companies that are more frequent with their blog posts, and provide decent amounts of content on their website are more likely to come across as a REAL business that can be trusted. This is an essential for any new business that is just starting out and is looking to win over the hearts of the public.

If content isn’t your strength and you’re searching for an extra helping hand, Yorkshire Designs can be of assistance. Specialising in content writing and providing various content for both blogs and websites to many clients, we aim to get your content and website seem. If you would like to find out more about content and how we can help, head over to our content writing page, or feel free to get in touch as we’d be more than happy to help.