How Social Media can boost your business

Nowadays social media has practically become ‘everything’ for almost everyone. People of all ages are using social media platforms for both social and business reasons. It’s the perfect way to communicate with one another and it’s also a great way to get your business out there. While there are various social media sites, the most common and popular ones are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, three great sites that gives you access to millions of people throughout the world. As social media has grown to become a part of people’s everyday lives, it’s also become a popular platform for thousands of business worldwide. From the smallest home businesses and local shops to the highest paid companies in the world, social media is here to stay, and it’s a place your business wants to be if you want to boost your popularity and income.

With the use of social media you can advertise and sell your products and services for free. While certain advertisements such as facebook ad’s require payment, it’s a great way to reach thousands all over the world that and known to facebook as “interested” to products or services similar to yours. This makes paid facebook ads a great investment for advertising. However, this also depends on your budget. The bigger budget you have, the larger amount of people you can reach. For those that want the no payment option, how about simply creating a page for your site? People can follow you and subscribe to your news feed to keep up to date with the latest happenings with your products and/or services.

Both Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook over free options for companies looking to spread word of their business, making it a simple and enjoyable way of marketing. Not only do you get to learn more about your market and their interests, but you can also get tons of your followers to share and spread your page and posts. While you’re advertising, they can help do the same! It’s truly amazing how social media has grown over the years, and it’s really become a great way for both small and large businesses to get the extra exposure any company would want.

Having a social media account on all the main platforms gives you the chance to reach more people, but also to satisfy your customers wants and needs. Many people prefer Twitter or Instagram over Facebook and vice versa, making it important you’re sure to cover all platforms so no one misses out on your latest deals and offers. Social media marketing is a great marketing tool that you’re missing out on if you haven’t set up your business with the said accounts.

At Yorkshire Designs we offer social media marketing services to both big and small businesses that are willing to make the next step forward in advertising their business. While setting up an account is easy, proper maintenance of your account is a completely different story. Making sure your posts are engaging and eye catching is just as important as having an account available for your customers. No one’s going to spend the time reading through your posts if they aren’t interested in what they see. One must always consider the market they are targeting, ensuring that both the right words, pictures, and links are of interest to the readers. Apart from the general social media marketing services we offer, we also offer facebook advertising services for those that a looking to go that extra mile. Social media isn’t just about getting likes and followers, but it’s also about getting readers to become buyers. You can easily get to know your audience, interact with them, and find out what they’re looking for which is a great way to help you boost your business and possibly introduce what they want into what you already offer.

Don’t miss out! Don’t let your business get left behind. Remember, there are millions of social media users that are logging in everyday to see what’s trending, and what new products and services are popping up. If you aren’t familiar with how social media works, we can help you out. We can point you in the right direction and help you manage your sites. At Yorkshire Designs we want to help all businesses reach their goals and dreams. It may be at a slow pace at first but as we all know, “slow but steady wins the race”. All things take time to achieve, but you won’t achieve anything if you don’t start now. Don’t wait until tomorrow or till another competitor beats you to it. Get in the game as soon as possible and get your business out there. Social media users cover all ages both young and old, meaning no matter who your targeted market is, or what you’re trying to offer, social media can help you out and give you the boost you need.
If you’d like to find out more information on how we can be off help, please feel free to get in touch as we’d love to get involved and help you and your business reach your goals.